Tuesday, 2024-02-27 - Gemini

You display an air of confidence and composure. People want to go along with what you say, and it is easy for you to resolve any difficult issues as they arise. Try your hand at something new. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised and enjoy having an experience that is a forerunner to future success.

Monday, 2024-02-26 - Gemini

Passionate impulses are a good thing since you react sensitively towards those you care about and resolve any outstanding issues, or render them unimportant. If single you may even flirt with or meet the love of your life. Physically you’re feeling in good shape and can improve your fitness and vitality - consider limits to avoid any injury.

Sunday, 2024-02-25 - Gemini

Everything seems easier than usual at work as well as in your personal life, discussions tend to satisfy everyone involved. You effortlessly carry out any task required of you and feel in great shape; you perform better in all respects. Enjoy yourself, seldom are you so well placed to take advantage of such beneficial conditions.

Saturday, 2024-02-24 - Gemini

You find pleasure in the simplest things and enjoy interacting with other people. Your happiness and enthusiasm are infectious and affects those closest to you, who in turn are responsive. If single, you may be extremely attracted to a future partner or have a spellbinding effect on someone for whom you have sexual desires.

Friday, 2024-02-23 - Gemini

Don’t hesitate any longer, put some of your wild ideas into practice. Enhanced creative abilities help you do this even if some of your ideas are rather outlandish. If you have been shy previously and reluctant to reveal your creative talents, fearing ridicule from others - don’t be. You’re now able to overcome your indecision and can expect a surprise response.

Thursday, 2024-02-22 - Gemini

Combining clever observation and your common sense allows you to evaluate all aspects of any problems. You’re able to rely on your intuition to competently deal with complications without help and personal problems are easily resolved. With increased awareness and sensitivity, you stay in tune with your body, quickly reacting to any obvious health issues.

Wednesday, 2024-02-21 - Gemini

Make a concerted effort to begin certain things you've long been interested in. If necessary, seek permission to get your ideas underway and don't be afraid to address those less frequently discussed personal issues. With the support you get from others, you feel more motivated to make those important first steps. To unwind, do some hard-physical exercise.

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