Wednesday, 2024-07-24 - Leo

Being as you are, so fixated on superficial cosmetic appearance, it’s difficult for you to focus on matters that are of far more importance and to substantiate what these might be or indeed mean to you - you’ve trouble getting to the root of anything! Better to postpone important decisions and concentrate instead on having a good time.

Tuesday, 2024-07-23 - Leo

You see beauty all around; everything seems like a valuable work of art. You’re full of wonderment at the beauty of everyday objects and find pleasure in agreeable interaction with others. Get creative and produce something of beauty yourself. If you thought of yourself as untalented, try your luck and be surprised at how imaginative you are.

Monday, 2024-07-22 - Leo

People sense your openness; you’re able to settle any past disputes as well as patch up any former separations. They appreciate you’re sorry for what has happened and more than ready to forgive you. Take care you don't forget to show equal appreciation for those you consider less popular or less attractive; every person is a jewel, worthy of love and respect.

Sunday, 2024-07-21 - Leo

Feeling more vibrant and alive, seeking the company of others is a particularly satisfying activity. The pleasure you create turns out to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, especially if you spend it with someone you love. Openness and honesty are central to your contentment, try not to think too much about the exertions of work and enjoy yourself!

Saturday, 2024-07-20 - Leo

Your heart is in everything you do, and you put all your spare time and energy into your activities. Others respect you for this and help you in your accomplishments. You can use this goodwill to strengthen your ties with people and get closer to them. Take care that you don’t suffer from overwork in your eagerness to do so much, make time to relax.

Friday, 2024-07-19 - Leo

Having a wide circle of friends can be a great boon. You find it easy to bring cheer to others, you’re a ray of sunshine, even more so than usual. Use your positivity to be as helpful and accommodating to people who are less fortunate than you. When you break down barriers, interesting relationships develop into something more promising and worthwhile.

Thursday, 2024-07-18 - Leo

Openness and friendliness abound, you can talk about your problems and emotional state without hurting others. Following your instincts, let go of any feeling you have of self-importance and experience an unrecognizable sense of harmony and peace. If there’ve been misunderstandings or an argument, now is an appropriate time to resolve matters.

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