Thursday, 2024-06-13 - Scorpio

You approach people with a spring in your step and are happy to see them, with your open, talkative mood you’re an ideal conversationalist, with friends turning to you for advice. Your reputation is enhanced, personal relationships flourish, with consequential benefits affecting your health and well-being which you can further improve by taking more exercise.

Wednesday, 2024-06-12 - Scorpio

Your dealings with others are especially easy and any potential disagreements avoided when you act together as a team. You succeed in putting forward your ideas and convince others of the validity of the position you adopt. Importantly you need to build trust, so others are aware they’re able to always rely on you when any difficulties need addressing.

Tuesday, 2024-06-11 - Scorpio

Acutely aware of your own needs, this certainly helps you appreciate what's important, enabling you to focus on turning long-term dreams into reality on the home front as well as at work. Longing for an active social life, don’t take on too much, instead cultivate an approach to the friendships you’re more able to cope with, do things in moderation.

Monday, 2024-06-10 - Scorpio

You’re not making the headway you think you ought to be making, feeling confined you want to make some changes to your life. You need to put the new ideas and plans you have into action. Don't delay any longer, if you share your thoughts and ideas with those closest to you; you’re able to rely on their steadfast support for the future.

Sunday, 2024-06-09 - Scorpio

Everybody is friendly and accommodating, you're well received by the people you encounter. On the romantic front others are attracted to you, don't let this go to your head otherwise any goodwill soon disappears. Instead treat others the same way as they treat you and show them you really are the person they thought you were when they first met you.

Saturday, 2024-06-08 - Scorpio

You can apply yourself well, be more adventurous, and adaptable, even develop new skills. If you have avoided collaborating with others before, offer your support and share your expertise. People and friends who value your enthusiasm, are keen to lend a hand, finding your new-found energy inspiring.

Friday, 2024-06-07 - Scorpio

You feel enthusiastic and look forward to spending some time with friends and those you care about most. Follow your inclination, get your friends together for an experience you’re able to share with your partner too. You enjoy anything involving physical activity. If single, promising opportunities to meet up with others and flirting are on the agenda.

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