Facts and Knowledge on the First Zodiac Sign


There are 12 distinct horoscopes; these correspond with the month and day you were born and the position of the sun on that day. Each horoscope has their own strengths, weaknesses, desires, and ways of viewing the world and the people in it. By analyzing someone's horoscope, you can mine information on their personality and in some small way come to understand them a little better.

The first astrological zodiac sign is the Aries. Its symbol is of a ram and this sign exhibits dynamic and authoritative energy. Read more below for facts about this dynamic sign and what characterizes someone who was born between March 21st and April 19th.

Facts About This Horoscope

This zodiac sign spans the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (an astrological coordinate system describing a body's relation to the vernal equinox). As stated above, it describes someone who was born between March 21st and April 19th and markedly notes a person who is charming and charismatic. This sign is one of the six positive signs (as opposed to a negative, feminine, or passive sign)

According to the tropical astrology system, the sun enters this zodiac sign right at the March Equinox (or the Spring Equinox) occurring on March 21st.

The symbol for this sign is a ram's head. This symbol finds origins as far back as the Babylonian times, where it was most notably associated with agriculture and the god of shepherds. In Egyptian culture, the Ram is represented through the sun god Amon-Ra, whose body was human but whose head was a ram. As the ram symbolized agriculture with the Babylonians, Amon-Ra represented fertility and also creativity

The ram is also featured in Greek mythology as Chrysomallus, who was responsible for saving Phrixus and Helle (children of Boeotian king Athamos). Chrysomallus also provided the 'golden fleece,' which symbolized authority and kingship and was featured in the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

The word Aries comes from the Greek name of 'Ares,' who was the god of war.

And, this sign is considered a 'fire' sign; someone with this sign would enjoy hot and/or spicy cuisines. This also speaks to a person's domineering personality: their ability to lead, encourage others, fight for causes they believe in, etc.

What to Expect in an Aries

As I've just mentioned, the Aries-sign is a dominant fire sign. Alongside the spicy food thing and the products of their personality listed above, the fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius are the other two) exhibit both the light traits (meaning they reveal things that are authoritative, right, illuminating, and high) and also shadow traits (a much darker side, with destruction and shadows as products of these traits). As with any fire, there is light and a shadow cast. Ancient astronomers looked at fire signs and likened them with astral light and the life-giving light of the sun.

Of the four 'Cardinal' zodiac signs (these signs are the ones that initiate new seasons) the Aries-sign is the first, marking the beginning of Spring and, with it, all of the fertility and heat that Spring best symbolizes

As the ram Chrysomallus was rescuer in the tales of old, Aries-signs take charge in almost every aspect of their lives. They are naturally the leaders of the pack; you will likely see them initiate a project or idea (not necessarily be responsible for completing it), snd this is accomplished by their surprising magnetism and charisma.

The most archetypal personality traits of this sign are best described as masculine, active, or 'Yang' (as stated in ancient Chinese philosophy). These traits lend themselves to active engagement with the outside world and a sort of power to start or initiate things; as the sign brings on the Spring, exhibitors of this sign bring on change and affect their world.


This zodiac sign is certainly expressive; they are direct with what they want and need, and you will never have to guess what they are thinking. An Aries-sign likely won't hold a grudge against you, preferring instead to move on with life and clear the air. Courage and determination are evident.

They are individualistic but also loyal to their friends. An Aries-sign as a friend will likely advocate for and support you. They are sure to want to empower and encourage you, as the fire in them simply wills it.


Be careful of the strength of the Ram; it can be misinterpreted as blunt, harsh, or possibly cold in the face of one who isn't the same level of direct. An Aries-sign has the potential to be cruel if their stress levels aren't properly managed. And because of their fiery nature, quick impulses and rushing into gut-decisions are present, and can cause pitfalls for this person as well as make them a poor team player.

This sign also struggles with communication. Even if they listen to advice or instructions, they are likely to prefer doing things their own way and learning from their direct actions instead. This can cause damage to not only themselves but their relationships with others. Being gentler and understanding is crucial as an Aries-sign.


If you are reading this as an Aries-sign, take joy in knowing you are a born leader and have the strength to lead your world the way not many other signs do. Your magnetism and charisma will surely draw in all sorts of people who trust in your energy and strength.

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