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The astrological sign, Cancer, is a water sign that falls within the horoscopes summer solstice. The date of the sign runs from June 21 and July 22. People who fall under this sign are often looked at as gregarious and full of life. They can also show compassion and have deep feelings. Some of the most famous cancers include Kristen Bell, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Warren, and Margot Robbie.

Cancer personality traits are said to be ruled by the sun. Cancers can be very nurturing. They can also have a very oddball sense of humor that can be irritating. The Fourth House of Home Life has a very strong magnetism within Cancer. The Fourth House is a reflection of a Cancer's domestic life.

Because of their emotional personality, people under this sign can find themselves in constant turmoil. They will use up a ton of energy on everything from baking a cake to lending an ear to a friend. While they can be sentimental to close friends, family will always be a top priority. While this horoscope shows a great deal of care and compassion, they can easily flip the script if provoked. They have a tough exterior that can sometimes be hard to penetrate. But once you get to know them, you will love them.

This sign can be amazingly creative. They will set up a man cave, she-shed, or office and get to work. They can stay busy for hours on in. If you are the type who loves a home-cooked meal, you will get one and then some. This strong domestic attraction goes hand in hand with their passive-aggressive attitude.

While they will lend an ear to a friend or a family member, it can be very hard sometimes to get them to open up. It is advisable not to push too hard because you might get pushed back. Don't be surprised to get a snide remark or a little bit of shade tossed your way.

While Cancers have some good traits, they also have some not-so-good ones. They can get moody when they are rubbed the wrong way. It's best not to pester them too much. They can often get in their feelings and completely retreat in their shell. If you want to deal with Cancers, you better be ready to get along with the family unit. Cancers don't play when it comes to family and they will let you know it. If there is discord between you and the family, say bye-bye.

Cancers are very emotional when it comes to affairs of the heart. Needless to say, their wear their emotions on their sleeve. They cannot help but loving hard and utilizing every ounce of their being into making a happy domestic life. The saying 'there's no place like home' goes right along with Cancers. If their love life and sex life are in good standing, everything is right with the world.

When they date, food indulgence is at the top of the list. Plenty of chocolates, baked goods, and any other delectable item they can think of will do. Yes, Cancers are foodies to be sure. And they prefer to do everything in front of a warm and cozy fireplace instead of the local watering hole.

When it comes to sex, they need to feel a deep attachment. Thoughtful and romantic lovemaking is the key to turning them on. There are certain sexual acts that they absolutely love, and there are others they absolutely steer clear of. That doesn't mean they don't know how to spice things up when needed. They love deep and passionate kissing. They are thoughtful lovers who love to give as much as they get. And after a heavy session, they love to cuddle and watch old movies.

What signs are compatible with Cancers? Taurus and Capricorns are said the be the most in sync with Cancers. Both signs are nurturing and family-oriented just like Cancers. The least compatible signs are Capricorns and Libras. Capricorns are very complicated. They often want to be the top priority and year for what Cancers likely cannot give. With Cancers being so family-oriented and domesticated, Capricorns will soon realize they cannot compete. Libras can also be full of conflict. Their strong personality traits can be a source of conflict with Cancers. The chances of domestic bliss are pretty low.

While horoscopes may seem like the work of fiction, many people faithfully use them to guide their everyday lives. It is advisable to study all aspects of astrological signs to get the true meaning of what they are about.

Cancers should take great pride in the fact that they are considered one of the less volatile signs within the horoscope. Their good characteristics vastly outweigh the bad. The family-oriented qualities mean you will always be a top priority in their life.

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