In astronomy, Capricornus is Latin for goat horned. It represents a creature that is a blend of a fish and a goat. Greeks associate it with the god of nature, Pan. One myth is that Pan helped Zeus fight Titans to earn his position in the heavens. He jumped into River Nile with his body half submerged to escape from Typhon. The part of his body that remained submerged in water became fish. Another tale for the explanation as a goat is that Amalthaea, a mythical goat was a foster mother to Zeus as an infant.

It is a zodiacal constellation in the southern sky between Aquarius and Sagittarius. It is the 10th sign of the zodiac and governs the period from about December 22 to January 19. It is a member of the element earth, together with Taurus and Virgo. It is associated with the color black and brown.

It is a brighter constellation than cancer and in water genre grouping together with water bearer Aquarius, whale-like sea monster Cetus, fish Pisces and water Eridanus.

Sighting Capricornus zodiac

It is visible in the sky by looking for the summer triangle, making a line from Vega through Altair to the lower southern sky. It has three noticeable stars in the sky that form a triangle.

Delta Capricorni is the brightest star in the constellation by four stars. It is visible with naked eyes. It forms the goat's tail.

Beta Capricorni is the second brightest star that has multiple stars. It is visible as a giant star with a blue-white dwarf.

The third star is Omega Capricorni that forms the belly of the goat. It appears red and huge with varying amounts of magnitude and luminosity.

Traits of Capricornus

People check horoscopes to infer personality traits, characters and foretell events in their life. Capricorns are hardworking and independent people who look at everything as tasks to be complete. The energy expended is not a problem as long as they accomplish what they set their minds on and there are clear goals and paths to get there. They have a problem expecting other people to deliver high standards. Their character is emotionless, distant and overly analytical, and tends to be conservative.

Positive attributes

The can-do attitude makes them do well at things that they may lack the talent for because they are willing to learn new skills if they are going to help them achieve their goals. They never give up on things, especially when it involves projects and schoolwork, working hard to achieve desired results.

Projects can promise exceptional success when a Capricorn is in the project leadership team. Possess high goals and dreams, and believe in doing better than themselves and others. The push to be better sustains the long, exhausting hours in achieving what they want.

A hardworking and ambitious individual is disciplined. They are organized, mature and pragmatic in following directives, orders, and instructions in pursuing their goals. One will be accountable for their mistakes and quickly learn from them, taking advantage of mistakes as a learning opportunity.

Negative attributes

The horoscope possesses few negative attributes, such as high ambition, strictness, and a no-nonsense attitude. They overlook the good life has to offer and, this makes them unhappy and dissatisfied with life. They are susceptible to be moody and pessimistic by focusing too much on how things should be rather than how things feel towards them. Some have developed a negative view of the future by failing and things not turning out perfectly.

The obsession with success and perfectionism makes one work too hard to the point of exhaustion. One rarely rests or relaxes. Ought should create time for emotional and physical health and reduce pressure and stress on work life.

Setting high standards for others make Capricorns appear stubborn. As a result of being conservative and traditional, they find it hard it accept new perspectives. They are hard to get along with because they want to have their way and focus too much on the materialistic and practical side of things.

Association to love and friendship

Despite their stubborn nature, they are loyal and devoted to those they love. They are a bit reserved and lack emotions but are devoted to the relationship. Taking time to open up emotionally is a sign of their loyalty, protectiveness, and strength.

Family set up

Capricorns are dependable in a family setup. They have a commitment to family traditions and remember important family days like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. They have a smaller circle of close friends outside the family with who they remain close for life if they connect intellectually and honestly.

Work and business

Do well in business and work because they are success-driven. Perform well if the work environment promises professional growth and freedom to shine. Jobs that require attention to detail are suitable, especially long-term projects that show tangible accomplishment. Appreciate loyalty and a friendly working environment with other employees.

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