The Leo Zodiac

Leo is a fire sign that's ruled by the Sun. They are the most passionate and fiery of all horoscopes, with strong leadership qualities. They like to be at the center of attention and love to be admired for their creativity and intelligence. They also have an outgoing personality, which makes them excellent leaders in business or any other profession they choose to pursue. They are often misjudged by their arrogance, but they are truly caring individuals who have a strong sense of honor.

Likes & Dislikes

They love to receive gifts of jewelry and fine clothing, furniture, or accessories for the home. They enjoy being pampered with massages, bubble baths, etc., but also love getting involved in social gatherings where they can be admired by others!

This sign doesn't care much for criticism because it makes them feel extremely self-conscious so try not to say anything negative about them unless you're looking forward to a fight, and that's only if their ego allows them to put up an argument! They are best at taking compliments which is good news for those who want this sign on their side; just make sure you tell them how great they are often enough before it gets old (if possible).


They are generous and loyal to those close to them. However, they can be very vain and may not listen when others try to give them advice about how they should behave or dress (especially if it's already been said several times). They do like luxurious items though! When in love, they make an excellent partner because he/she will provide for their other half while preventing them from becoming too materialistic. This sign does tend toward laziness, however; therefore if you're looking for someone who'll work hard at providing everything that could ever need then this sign is not for you.

They are best at giving gifts that show their affection to the recipient. They are generous with expensive jewelry, clothing, flowers, etc., but also have a side that likes being more practical and will give items like books or kitchen utensils as long as they come from the heart!

If you're trying to win them over, then try appealing to their sense of humor because they love laughing and having fun just about any time of day. Also, be very romantic when in public by showing affection towards your lover; this sign thrives on attention so don't be afraid to flaunt them whenever possible…they'll love it!

Relationships & Compatibility

Aries: Aries is the first sign of fire and works well with this sign. They are both energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals who always want things their own way.

Taurus: Taurus can be too laid back for Leos; they'll try to change Taureans into more outgoing people but it won't work because this particular earth sign's charming qualities come from her calm demeanor. This pairing may work if there is a high level of respect between them though!

Gemini: Gemini often feels like an outsider in love relationships (and friendships as well) because she changes her mind so much that others don't know where they stand or what direction the relationship will take next week, let alone tomorrow morning at breakfast!

Cancer: Cancer and Leo make a great romantic match. They share similar qualities, both being highly creative lovers who love to be the center of attention in their relationship.

Their best friend is Aries because they are both fire signs that have the same energy levels and creative imagination! In friendship, Leos will understand each other better than any other sign can due to having so many similarities. The only p roblem with this pairing could arise from them not wanting anything held back from one another…and when you're friends with a Leo expect your every thought or feeling to be shared without hesitation!

When it comes to relationships, they are extremely romantic and passionate. As long as they get plenty of attention from their lover(s) they'll never stray; however if not given enough affection then expect them to look elsewhere for happiness! Of course, there's always that chance that once forces come into play one may stray but it's not likely because they are loyal by nature.

They thrive on being in love, often building up their relationship to be something much more than what is actually there due to the excitement of falling head over heels for someone special! This sign will make sacrifices without thinking twice if given a promise of marriage or even just an engagement ring; however once married (or committed) Leos like having fun and don't like feeling stifled so expect them to get frisky with another person every now and again…just as long as you're willing to forgive them afterward!

Careers & Money

They are great at making money due to their creativity, confidence, and ability to motivate others. They also make good teachers because they share the same qualities as a leader in this profession!

The sign likes working with their hands or doing arts & crafts but he may find it difficult to keep up the motivation for certain tasks that don't interest him. This sign works best when given freedom; therefore if you're looking for an employee who will stay on task then look elsewhere!

This sign has many leadership qualities which makes them perfect for any job where they can be self-employed or have control over other people's lives (like being a manager). Leos often become bored easily so if you've got a job where they can be constantly entertained then you've got the perfect staff!

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