Horoscopes are astrology that attempts to predict a person's future behavior and romantic relationships based on their date of birth, astrological sign, and even zodiac sign.

Libra are people born between September 23 and October 22. They are associated with the scales or balance, which is represented in their symbol. The They star sign is the best of all-star signs when it comes to compatibility with other signs. This is because they are balanced in almost every regard and always try to bring harmony into their surroundings.

They traits:

They are very social people; they love to be around others. They can sometimes be indecisive, but when it's time for them to make a decision, they will stick by it. They are also brilliant and quick-witted. Their friends always know that whenever there is a problem, They will have the solution.

They are usually fun to be around because they tell great jokes and stories, even though some of the time they might not realize what kind of mood everyone else is in, so sometimes their attempts at humor fall flat. They care so much about their friends and family. They will go out of their way to make others happy. Libra are hardly ever on time because they might be too busy making sure everyone else is happy. They love the color white, but they can never have enough of it.

Their emotions constantly change with the weather, making them moody sometimes, even if there isn't a cloud in the sky. Even though they are very open-minded when it comes to other people's opinions, they cherish their views above all else and hate conceding because that means that someone is suitable, and that takes away one point from them by default.

They like The scales of balance, fairness, and equality; intimacy and relationships; harmony; peace and conflict resolution; all things beautiful; the arts.

They dislike The unbalanced or unfair; intolerance, dishonesty, violence, and aggression; loudmouths and bullies.

They like to be around: other people because they will always have someone else's point of view. They like talking to people about their feelings to talk them through it. They have a solution for everything, even if it's just to listen.

They dislike being around: themselves (no, I'm serious); closed-minded individuals who refuse to listen or conform to how They see life; scary stories because They are easily frightened by anything remotely similar to horror movies.

Their personality:

They are knowledgeable and always try to do what is right. They love peace and will do anything to achieve it. Because they want to bring peace into their environment, They can be indecisive sometimes because they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. To compensate for their indecisiveness, They need proof before deciding so they won't regret it later.

They are ruled by the planets Venus and Mars. Mars gives them energy and strength, while Venus makes them sensitive, receptive, and graceful. These two planets together make up what we call 'emotional intelligence. The emotional aspect of this star sign is powerful; They feel everything at an intense level, so they are highly sentimental.

Their good social skills and their ability to make others happy make people want to be around them all the time. Because of these very positive personality traits, They make great friends and family members. Their need for harmony also affects their love life because They want a partner to treat them with respect and admiration. They don't like having someone try to change or control them, so if that is what you're looking for, this isn't the right person for you.

In general, they tend to attract those who have similar personality traits, which is why they end up with people who enjoy peace and balance. They might sometimes shy away from it, but They will do anything to keep the peace when it comes down to it.

The Sun is one of their biggest enemies because it symbolizes masculinity and power, but truthfully there isn't a star sign that They don't get along with. Since they always try to achieve balance and harmony, they don't like having arguments all the time, so even if you're not on their side right now, They might still give you another shot later on down the road.

Their Weaknesses: Because they tend to want everyone around them happy and satisfied, They can sometimes neglect themselves if they don't know how to say no. They can become very indecisive, which makes them unable to decide without proof or others' input. They can be influenced very easily by others because they want everyone to like them.

Their strengths: Emotional intelligence makes them highly sympathetic and understanding of other people's feelings; always try to resolve conflict; good social skills make it easy for them to interact with different types of people; the emotional depth that brings them into their inner self (makes it easier for them to understand themselves); good at creating beautiful things like poetry, music or art.

The choice between peace and war can be challenging for them, but they usually choose peace over war every time because fighting is the antithesis of what they stand for.

Another weakness that They tend to have is that they can sometimes fear taking over their lives instead of letting things happen. To overcome this, they must learn the art of patience and self-control.

Similar to the Gemini star sign, They also have dual personalities. They need alone time for this part of them to stay sane. When they are alone, their mind tends to make up stories and fantasies which help them escape reality for a little while.

They are incredibly good at explaining things to others because they are brilliant, but they can sometimes neglect themselves because of their indecisiveness. This means that They should not over-exert themselves or take on more tasks than required of them because it would be straightforward for them to burn out quickly.

When it comes down to it, They need someone who will care about both sides of the story, people who won't judge them based on first impressions because They are compassionate. They need to be with someone aware of their dual personality and won't try to change their way. They appreciate honesty, so if you're dishonest about your intentions, there's no chance for you two to get along.

The best careers for them involve creativity or public relations both because these occupations allow them to express themselves fully and because they can use their social skills to achieve something meaningful. They make excellent writers, artists, actors/actresses, diplomats, psychologists, or teachers because they have an innate understanding of human nature which helps them connect easily.

In conclusion, they are intelligent individuals who firmly believe that violence never solves anything. They always try to do what is right, even though they can be indecisive at times ...

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