Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury. This sign is symbolized by a Virgin and is known for valuing purity.

This sign is the natural ruler of the Sixth House. It is associated with sunflowers, marigolds, the color silver and the gem peridot.

Basic Characteristics

Virgos are meticulous and they like to do a lot of research and plan ahead. When under stress, this may come across like they are neurotic perfectionists, but in the aggregate it typically means they manage to hold themselves to high standards on a consistent basis.

They may read as shy when you first meet them. Like other Earth signs, their trust must be earned. When they commit to something, whether a friend, a job or a lover, they give their all. They want to know if it will be worth it so they can be slow to warm up.

They place a high value on having their personal spaces organized. This may get misinterpreted as a shallow interest in looking good but has a deeper purpose. They don't like distractions and don't like clutter getting in the way of getting things done.

Like all Earth signs, they value getting things done. When mentally healthy, they are hands on and appearances are not what drives them. If they have been warped into someone who values appearances over substance, something went very wrong somewhere in their life.

This sign is:










Hard working

Detail oriented

Service oriented

If you find you are prone to overthinking, pick a date for making your decision and research to your heart's content until that date. On that day, make your decision and move on.

Career and Work Life

Virgos value critical thinking and service to others. With Mercury ruling writing and other forms of communication, this sign is associated with jobs such as secretary, administrative assistant or a telecom role.

They excel at research and may be happiest pursuing fields that require higher education or field work. They are also often found in healthcare positions, such as nurses, doctors and physician's assistants. Some will take that early experience and use it to transition to the insurance industry.

Mutable signs are signs of endings and new beginnings. They manage transitions better than average and have an innate flexibility that comes in handy for dealing with change.

Their interest in serving others means that they often are talented at helping others cope with change and manage stressful transitions. Their modesty both serves that goal and can mean they fail to get credit where credit is due.

Although they live to serve and the Sixth House is associated with work rather than career, that doesn't mean they are doomed to remain stuck in entry-level service jobs their whole life. When they do finally gain a leadership role, they will typically follow the servant leadership model.

In Romance

Virgos are not prudes. That's a myth.

It's just not easy to get close to them because they have high standards. They hold themselves to high standards and they expect you to do the same.

If the two of you hit it off and are otherwise compatible, it is worth the effort to gain the privilege of standing next to their fire. This is one of the most passionate signs. All earth signs can get down and dirty if they feel you really love them and can be trusted to keep their secrets when they let their hair down.

Being involved with a Virgo is kind of like that saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Protect their privacy and let everyone else think they are prude. No one else needs to know what goes on behind closed doors.

Like other Earth and Water signs, Virgo is most comfortable with other Earth and Water signs. These are Taurus (Earth), Cancer (Water), Scorpio (Water), Capricorn (Earth) and Pisces (Water).

If you find that you aren't drawn to those Sun signs, learn more about natal horoscopes. There is more to a chart than just the Sun sign. The other influences in your chart -- or theirs -- could explain your romantic history better than your Sun sign and theirs.

As Parents

Virgos tend to be doting parents. They may feel that being a stay-at-home parent is their highest calling if they can arrange it, at least while the children are young.

This can be a real asset for everyone, especially during a health crisis or if the child has special needs. The one thing to guard against is you want to avoid smothering your children. Some kids need their space and you may need to work at respecting their boundaries.

As Friends

They prefer to be flexible and would much rather put others first and go along to get along. This can mean they are a wonderful friend to have around who does a lot to enhance your quality of life.

But they don't always do a good job of looking out for themselves and sometimes people take advantage of them because they are very giving and easy going. But they aren't doormats. If you want to keep the good stuff, you need to also be a friend to them and not act like a leech.

If they have health problems, learn to look out for them and protect them. If they voice an objection, pay attention because it probably is very important or they wouldn't mention it.

Don't assume that you can blow them off and get your way "as usual" for your convenience. They will eventually give you your walking papers if they don't want to fight with you about stuff and you aren't listening.

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